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Team Magic E4JR - Ready to Run Racer!
The new E4JR electric touring car chassis from Team Magic is a 95% pre-built, ready-to-run electric touring car which focuses on price and performance. No longer can you consider a chassis manufactured from plastic instead of carbon fiber, a low spec product when it features high quality components and features like those found on the new E4JR.

From its intricate, but highly efficient transmission, to its state of the art suspension geometry; the E4JR has close to everything a racer will ever need in just one box. The overall design of the car follows on from the already successful E4 series so there's no need to be concerned about its ability to perform.

Let's take a closer look at what the E4JR has to offer:
95% Factory Pre-Built
The E4JR is 95% factory assembled for your convenience. The remaining 5% needed to get your car up and running is incredibly simple. No wires or soldering, just choose your favorite color for the pre-styled Mazda6 body shell, obtain some batteries for the transmitter and after a quick charge of your H.A.R.D. NiMh battery pack your ready to go!

The whole car is carefully factory assembled saving you a considerable amount of construction time so you're up and racing as quickly as possible.
The E4JR is now the benchmark when it comes to performance at a low price. The high cost items like carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum which supposedly make a top of the line electric touring car are now no longer necessary. In their place is high quality, super strong, plastics molded to match the suspension geometry and weight distribution found in every E4.

Don't be fooled into thinking that plastic is an inferior product when compared to carbon fiber. Apart from one or two redundant characteristics found in carbon fiber, many of the latest manufacturing techniques now incorporate carbon injection to improve rigidity and durability.

Like it or loath it, plastic, even in the highest quality form, is simply cheaper to make. With the E4JR surrounded in high quality but low cost plastic, savings are then passed onto the end-user.
As mentioned above, technology has advanced plastic manufacturing ten fold. Plastics used today are far superior to what has been available in the past.

The improved strength means the cars are now stronger and more rigid then ever before. This additional strength means Team Magic can pay close attention to non stressed areas of the car and subtitleuce the amount of material used in that area. This in turn subtitleuces the overall weight of the car and improves its performance.

The E4JR also shares the same structural design as the E4RS and E4FS so strength and durability are second to none. For example, the E4RS and E4FS already feature upgraded suspension arms and belts and these items are already included as standard on the E4JR.

Quality isn't just about the type of materials used to make a touring car chassis. It's also about how the parts fit together, how well these same parts work together and how the car feels in the hand. Fortunately Team Magic is now masters of their domain when it comes to quality and is now seen as one of the top R/C car manufactures in the world.

Many of the parts found on the E4JR have gone through rigorous testing procedures to make sure they operate at their most efficient for an extended period of time. It's Team Magic's policy to provide their customers with the best quality package they can.

What also gives you a good feel for the quality of the E4 is how easy the car is to work on. Everything is where it should be and the ability to maintain or access areas of the car is as simple as it can get.
Although we high recommend the E4JR package as it is out of the box, it does share the same structure and design as the other E4's in Team Magic's range. This means that if carbon fiber or aluminum is a requirement for your style of racing, many of the same parts can be shared between chassis'.

This upgradability not only covers exchanging of parts but also included option parts like sway-bars, springs, differentials, etc.

With these options available for the E4JR, the car is capable of running on any surface and any track.
Main features of the E4JR
Electronic Speed Controller and H.A.R.D Motor